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Specializing in Assessment and Treatment for Children and Adolescents

  • Do I need a referral?
    A medical doctor referral is not required to make an appointment. Please contact Dr. David directly at
  • Do you provide virtual or in-person therapy?
    At this time all sessions are conducted remotely via an online video conferencing platform. Precautions are appropriately taken to maintain utmost privacy and security during the session. A web link and password will be sent to you in advance of the session for you to connect with Dr. David. Due to COVID-19, Dr. David is not conducting any in-person sessions at this time.
  • Are your fees covered by OHIP or private insurance?
    Dr. David is a registered psychologist and provides all services in her practice. Psychological services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Please check with your individual insurance provider in order to determine your coverage for psychological services. A medical doctor referral may be required by your insurance plan in order to receive reimbursement. It is recommended that you check ahead of your first session. A portion of your fees, not reimbursed through extended coverage, may be claimed on your income tax return as a medical health expense. All services are billed per hour with a receipt provided.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Please make every effort to arrive for your session on time as it has been reserved specifically for you. Sessions are not extended to account for a late start. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled session. Any missed appointment or cancellation made within 24 hours will be charged the full session fee.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Payment is accepted via e-transfer or in cash at the time of the session.
  • Are sessions confidential?
    Information discussed with Dr. David is confidential in that she will not share anything without your consent. Your privacy is completely valued and respected. There are some limits to confidentiality, which are related to safety and wellbeing, court subpeona, or routine audits by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. These will all be reviewed with you before the onset of any service you consent to.
  • Will you work with other professionals to support my child?
    Dr. David values a multidisciplinary approach to supporting children’s and adolescent’s needs. She is experienced in collaborating with other regulated healthcare professionals including occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physicians, and other psychologists, as well as teachers and school administration. Dr. David is well versed in the roles that other experts can have with respect to assessing and servicing areas of need. Dr. David is always happy to work with others involved in supporting your child, with your consent to do so.
  • Where are you located?
    Practice: North York, ON For remote sessions: you/ your child will require a quiet and private space to connect with Dr. David remotely for your session.

Dr. David provides individual therapy and diagnostic assessment for children and adolescents as well as consultative parenting support. She primarily draws from a cognitive- behaviour therapy (CBT) approach that is creatively and playfully adapted to suit individual needs. With a developmental and systems theory foundation, multiple and interplaying factors are considered. Dr. David warmly allows her clients to feel safe, supported, and heard.



Dr. David provides comprehensive neuropsychological, psychological and psycho-educational assessment and consultation. She also provides gifted and academic skills assessments.


Areas of expertise include learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, communication disorders and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With respect to brain injury and development, Dr. David has worked with children and adolescents presenting with conditions related to concussion, traumatic brain injury, leukemia, preterm birth, brain tumours, neurofibromatosis type 1, stroke, and other genetic, congenital and acquired medical conditions affecting brain development.

Dr. David takes a multi-centered approach to assessment, reviewing medical and developmental information, school performance, teacher reports, mental health, as well as strengths and concerns from home and daily functioning.

Dr. David is not currently providing comprehensive assessments in her private practice.


Parent consultation is often very helpful when there are concerns or questions regarding learning development, academic performance, behaviour, emotional skills, and social skills. Recommendations for home as well as tools to support the child and family are discussed and reviewed. Dr. David may also recommend a more comprehensive assessment with a psychologist or other regulated healthcare professional depending on the issues and history that are shared.


Dr. David assists parents with reviewing school individual education plans and growth plans. She is available to speak with school staff and other healthcare professionals, when helpful.


Parent consultation may also be a large part of therapy. Many parents/ caregivers find this to be very informative with respect to empowering their role in the home and relationship with family members. Establishing a balance between their needs and appreciating those of a child can strengthen these relationships, build trust, and lend to increased understanding, acceptance, and communication. Parent consultation is often effective when working to support younger children for whom direction is occurring on a regular basis in the home and community.

Professional Development
Professional Development

Dr. David participates in ongoing continuing education and professional clinical consultation. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and is always happy to present for groups of different audiences, ranging from children to adults.

If you have a topic or idea in mind, please contact Dr. David to discuss possible presentations.

“What we see changes what we know.

What we know changes what we see.”

-Jean Piaget

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